Brighter prospects

Whether you are planning ahead, about to retire or already retired, our very thorough way of doing things can make a big difference to your financial prospects. We’ll review your current situation, explain where changes can be made for the better and implement a carefully considered strategy. We then keep everything under extremely close watch and take timely action to ensure that you are always with the best performing pension funds.

Wise decisions

When you are ready to make use of your pension pot, we’ll guide you through the options – including buying an annuity, taking income under a drawdown plan, taking it all as a lump sum under the pension freedom rules or a combination. We’ll explain their advantages and disadvantages, including tax implications, and make decisions with you in line with your life stage, age, needs over time, other sources of income and who you want to provide for after your death.

We offer free, no-obligation telephone or video calls
with one of our financial experts.

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Our service applies for portfolios of £100,000 or more.