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With state help ever diminishing and care fees constantly rising, finding ways to fund long term care can be a significant challenge. Working thoughtfully with clients and their families or attorneys/appointed deputies, we look at the current financial picture and assess all the options. We then prepare a sound plan for meeting the fees whilst safeguarding as much money as for future generations, and once agreed, we put it into effect.

A clear process

After establishing the cost of the care needed, we work out the funding shortfall by getting a clear picture of your present financial situation, including investments, pensions, property assets and income.

We then outline the options for meeting the shortfall, including buying a care annuity; utilising assets such as property and investments; combining care annuities and investments; equity release; and increasing income such as through better-yielding investments and measures to reduce tax. We explain them all in full, point out their pros and cons and show how each would work in practice.

Full management and support

From sourcing care annuity quotes from the whole of the market to moving investments to better-performing funds, we set up and manage everything for you. We also carry out regular reviews to make sure that your investments continue to support your needs, generate the best possible returns and achieve the greatest tax efficiencies.

We can advise you on related matters as well, like lasting powers of attorney, and put you in touch with reputable solicitors who can set them up or manage applications.

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Our service applies for portfolios of £100,000 or more.