Published On: 24 November 2023

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt has just unveiled the Autumn Statement, and we’re here to provide you with a rapid overview of the key highlights. While a more in-depth analysis is on the horizon, let’s delve into the main headlines to keep you informed: 

Tax Revisions: 

  • Employee National Insurance set to decrease from 12% to 10% starting January 6th, 2024. 
  • Abolishment of Class 2 National Insurance charge for self-employed individuals earning over £12,570, effective April 2024. 
  • Reduction in the main rate of Class 4 self-employed National Insurance Contributions from 9% to 8% starting April 2024. 
  • No changes to Income or Inheritance Tax rates.

Pensions and Savings Insights: 

  • Government to initiate a consultation on pension pot reforms, granting savers the legal right to redirect new employer pension contributions to their existing pension. 
  • A notable 8.5% increase in the flat-rate state pension from £203.85 to £221.20 per week from April 2024. 
  • Maintenance of the pensions triple lock. 
  • ISA limits frozen, but increased flexibility in ISA rules. Stay tuned for a comprehensive breakdown. 

Living Costs and Consumer Impact: 

  • Significant electricity bill reductions, up to £10,000 over a decade, for those living closest to new energy infrastructure. 
  • 2% increase in duty rates on all tobacco products, with a 12% hike in hand-rolling tobacco duty. 
  • Freeze on alcohol duty until August 2024. 

Business Strategies and Investments: 

  • Permanency of the tax break allowing businesses to deduct the full cost of investing in machinery and equipment from their tax bill. 
  • Stricter regulations on late payments to improve prompt payments to SMEs. 
  • Extension of the 75% business rates discount for retail, hospitality, and leisure firms. 
  • Introduction of new rules to expedite major business planning applications by local authorities. 
  • A substantial £500 million investment in schemes to position the UK as an “AI powerhouse.” 
  • Reforms to R&D tax reliefs for a streamlined and improved system.

Economic Outlook and Forecasts: 

  • OBR forecasts a decline in inflation to 2.8% by the end of 2024, aligning with the Bank of England’s 2% target in 2025. 
  • Adjusted predictions for economic growth, with a forecasted 0.6% growth in 2023, up from an earlier estimate of a 0.2% contraction. 
  • Downgraded growth forecasts for the next two years, with expectations of 0.7% growth in 2024 and 1.4% growth in 2025.

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