Published On: 18 October 2023

The ongoing debate about the importance of financial education for children is more relevant than ever. Surprisingly, research suggests that instilling good money habits should begin as early as age seven.

A study from the University of Cambridge, published by the Money Advice Service (MAS), reveals that crucial financial habits are often established in these early years. Guy Shone, research director at MAS, emphasises that “the window is zero to seven. It’s very hard to reverse those habits later in life.”

But why is this age range so critical? Young children are highly dependent on parental guidance, making it the ideal time to cultivate a positive financial mindset. Your influence as a parent during these formative years can shape their lifelong financial behaviours.

So, how can you introduce financial basics to young children? It starts by involving them in everyday activities. When grocery shopping, bring a list, showing them the importance of planning purchases. You can even engage them in creating the list and discussing value for money, teaching concepts like bulk buying versus purchasing only what’s needed.

Encouraging savings is another valuable lesson. Providing a piggy bank and requiring them to set aside a portion of their allowance each month can instil a savings habit. Research suggests that young children often enjoy mimicking adults, making early savings practices particularly effective.

Consider introducing your kids to the idea of setting financial goals. Help them create a savings chart to track progress toward purchasing a desired toy or game. This not only teaches budgeting but also encourages focus on meaningful objectives over impulsive spending.

Children are highly receptive to learning during their early years. This window of opportunity is when the lessons you impart can have a lasting impact. While you can’t guarantee their financial choices as adults, open and honest discussions about your decision-making processes can be a powerful influence.

In the end, you’re equipping them with invaluable life skills and knowledge that may serve them well in the future. Don’t miss this chance to empower your children with financial wisdom and the confidence to make sound money decisions. 


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