Published On: 21 July 2022

Congratulations to Joe Gunn, DipPFS – our Financial Planning Manager at Murdoch Asset Management, who has recently completed a tandem skydive, raising funds for Julia’s House Children’s Hospice (

This was a big personal challenge for Joe as he has a fear of flying, but he had to set that aside as this charity is really close to his heart.

“To give you all some background, my little boy (Alfie) was born in 2018 with a rare genetic disorder called 1p36 deletion syndrome. This disorder has caused many challenging side effects for Alfie, including intellectual disability, delayed growth, seizures, limited speech, hearing and vision impairment. To add to this, Alfie is also in heart failure, having survived three heart attacks at just six months old, along with multiple major operations in the following months and years.”

Originally the jump was scheduled for the 23rd of April, but as anyone who has jumped will know, the weather in England does not always play ball, and high winds forced a postponement. The new date was set for the 18th of June, and yet again, mother nature said no. Joe finally managed to get up in the air on the 19th and completed the jump without any problems. He liked it so much he intends to sign up for the AFF course (Assisted Free Fall) in hopes of making an unassisted jump in the future.

“Julia’s House plays a big part in our lives and provides invaluable support to us as a family. They provide us with many hours of dedicated two-on-one care in our home and at their centres, helping Alfie to develop and work on core motor skills whilst also allowing us some free time to do other things.” 


Joe should be really proud of the money he has raised as he initially had a target of raising £395 but, through the generous donations that many of you made, managed to finish up on £1,005.

Thank you all for your amazing support!

Julia’s House is a Children’s Hospice in Dorset and Wiltshire. They are an award-winning children’s hospice charity dedicated to bringing comfort and care to families across the two counties. Each family they support is unique, and so is the care they provide. When a family finds out that their child has a very serious medical condition, which is life-limiting or life-threatening, their world falls apart. Julia’s House exists to help these children and their families.

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