Published On: 19 July 2022

We recommend an annual review even if your circumstances haven’t changed dramatically. As your financial advisers, we keep a close eye on your investments and how they’re performing against the objectives we’ve already agreed with you. So, there’s no need to check your investments weekly, or even monthly – as long as your circumstances remain the same. But if they change, then it’s time for a review.

Ask yourself:

1) Have my personal circumstances changed?

Major life events, such as getting married or divorced, the death of your partner, or becoming a carer can alter your short- and long-term goals. If you’re experiencing one of these events, or considering downsizing, moving into sheltered accommodation or a care home, please get in touch. We can help you review your finances to suit your new circumstances.

2) Have my financial circumstances changed?

One of the most significant changes in financial circumstances for many people is the move from paid work to a retirement income. Even if you’re already retired you should look to optimise your income with well-performing funds that reflect your risk profile. You can see the monetary difference between the best and worst performing funds in the charts in the image below.

3) How’s my health?

If you’ve had to adjust your lifestyle because of the effects of an illness, it can have a huge impact on your finances. Ill health can also focus your mind on leaving a legacy and all the complicated considerations around inheritance tax planning.

 4) Has my attitude to investment risk changed?

We set up your portfolio according to your investment risk profile, specifically your tolerance for loss in the short term as you try for better returns in the long run. Whilst we always plan your portfolio with a time frame in mind, we recognise that if your circumstances change, your attitude to risk may also change.

5) When was my last review?

We recommend an annual review even if your circumstances haven’t changed dramatically. We also provide you with a quarterly valuation report, and you can access MurdochView on our website whenever you like to see an up-to-date valuation of your investments.


At Murdoch Asset Management, we provide both astute investment management and comprehensive financial advice and planning, ensuring that nothing is left out of the equation or to chance. The rare breadth and depth of our services means that we address all the gaps left by single service providers, giving you the best possible prospects for an improved financial position and better investment returns.

From wise selection of investment products and proactive investment management to careful tax, estate and future needs planning and implementation, we’ll help you gain the most, save the most and make the most of everything you have worked hard for.

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