Published On: 9 March 2022

Murdoch’s Investment Director, Austen Robilliard, has been officially recognised as one of the Top 12 Best European Fund Selectors for 2021 by Spanish-based RankiaPro. RankiaPro provides business analysis, news and insights for asset management professionals across Europe.

Austen joined Murdoch in 2007 and is now Chairman of the firm’s investment committee. He also oversees our fund research and portfolio management.

This latest recognition of Austen’s skill adds to a growing list of his achievements, including:

  • Ranked in the Top 100 fund selectors by Citywire Wealth Manager (2021)
  • Emerging Talent of the Year (Industry) – shortlisted by the International Investment Awards (2021)
  • Global Fund Selector of the Year – one of 12 shortlisted by RankiaPro (2020)
  • European Fund Selector of the Year – International Investment Awards (2020)
  • One of SharingAlpha’s “Top ranked members” (2019)
  • 3rd in the World for SharingAlpha’s Asset Allocation Competition (2017)
  • One of Citywire’s Top 30 Under 30 (2013)

Talking about this latest award, Austen said, “Getting recognition is always nice and being considered one of the best is fantastic, but ultimately awards are a by-product of the work we do for our clients. My 14 years as a fund analyst, combined with the skills of our investment team, give us a comprehensive knowledge of funds, allowing us to take a longer-term view, see through the market noise and focus on the fundamental characteristics of each fund.  Selecting good performing funds is just as important as avoiding the poor performers, and whilst we don’t get every call right, we get more right than wrong.”

Speaking with RankiaPro, Austen commented “Remembering why you’re buying a fund always helps.  For us it is about finding managers who can persistently out-perform, then compound this ‘alpha’ over time. When we’re presented with an adverse market movement, we try to do nothing, if we don’t need to.  However, having a portfolio that is designed for this scenario is key.”

Read the full RankiaPro interview here.

9th March, 2022

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