Published On: 3 November 2021

For those of us concerned about where we’re investing our money, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) funds could be the answer. These funds screen companies in line with the fund’s ethical and socially responsible objectives and include or exclude companies based on their values.

ESG funds also tend to be actively managed which makes them attractive not only for their ethical credentials but for their returns. Take our Balanced Growth ethical portfolio for example; over five years to 31 August 2021, £10,000 would have grown 52.4% to £15,242 compared to a return of £14,393 – 43.9% for the Investment Association average – an unconstrained benchmark portfolio. And our Prudent Growth ethical portfolio has outperformed its benchmark by an incredible 56% over the same time frame.

Ethical investing no longer needs to be the poor performing relation of traditional equity funds because these days, companies recognise that doing the right thing is also good for business. Speak to us about ethical and socially responsible investing or download our brochure at

Data source: Financial Express Analytics, total return, bid to bid, GBP£, net of model fee and MAM 0.75% fee, gross of platform charge.

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