Published On: 15 September 2021

We are thrilled to have won our latest award presented by (Capital Finance International). is a leading resource reporting on news and providing analysis and commentary on business, economics and finance worldwide.’s Awards programme identifies and rewards excellence across these sectors.

Read below’s summary:

UK firm Murdoch Asset Management was built from the ground up over the past decade. The firm takes care with employee recruitment, only onboarding those with the highest academic and industry qualifications. It takes equal care with staff retention to ensure those contributing to the operation’s success receive the respect and renumeration that they deserve. Murdoch Asset Management claims the ‘gold standard’ distinction of Corporate Chartered Financial Planner accreditation — an honour granted to only six percent of the country’s financial planning businesses. This certification inspires trust and underscores the firm’s commitment to first-class services and practices. Another element that sets Murdoch Asset Management apart is its individualised client focus, with one of its three directors and two financial planners serving as the client’s dedicated adviser. Clients can expect to see the same friendly face anytime they seek financial advice, which is always based on individual needs and delivered with clear communication. Murdoch uses risk allocation models to compete across asset classes. Austen Robilliard, the firm’s investment director, spent 12 years developing this system, which has garnered attention for its innovation. Risk is based on volatility, but that’s not the only factor. As the firm asserts, risk is more than a mere consideration — it’s the start and end of investment management. Murdoch Asset Management’s compound year-on-year growth lends confidence in the firm’s long-term approach to wealth creation and alpha generation. The judging panel presents the company with the 2021 Best Investment Management Solutions (UK) award.

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