Published On: 24 November 2020

Research shows that over the last five years, an astounding 55% of funds by value have underperformed the average fund*
. It therefore makes sound sense to review your investments very regularly to make sure that they remain in step with your needs.

For many, however, the process can be perplexing, time consuming and frustrating. We lighten the load by providing a free of charge, no
obligation comprehensive review of each of your existing investment holdings.

We detail the short, medium and long term performance over 1, 3, 5 and 7 years compared to funds of the same kind; yearly performance information for each of the last five years; the annual management charges; and the fund managers responsible for them and their investment approach.

We also include our views on whether to keep or switch a fund.

Investors beware:  all investments are not the same

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